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Фотостудия SLAVAPOZDNYAKOVSTUDIO. Фуд-стилист и фотограф Слава Поздняков

Preparation of an appetizing and juicy dish is only a small part of the organization of a food-shooting process. Not less important and labor-consuming stage is the selection of details and decoration of food. The solution of this difficult task depends on the skill and creativity level of the photographer. Food stylist and photographer Slava Pozdnyakov has thought over a master class so that the program suited both the professionals and amateur photographers. If you want to learn to make not just beautiful photos of food, but also to do each shot unique — apply for a course.

What waits for you:
- Full immersion in food styling under the supervision of the food stylist and photographer Slava Pozdnyakov;
- You learn how to make the pictures to become the powerful marketing tool;
- The program successfully combines the theory and getting practical knowledge and obtaining skills;
- In SLAVAPOZDNYAKOVSTUDIO there is a huge collection of various accessories by means of which it is possible to embody any idea in food photography.

You are a master of your craft.

When did you show your skills for the last time? Everything is possible with us.  Are you ready for experiments? Because we are. And we have all the professional equipment in our kitchen-studio SLAVAPOZDNYAKOVSTUDIO for that.

The studio space allows to take photos and make videos of the master classes. It is possible to transform the interior of the kitchen and its atmosphere according to your style and format. In the studio there is a huge amount of props. You will be the frame, great! You can use everything you wan in the frame, we do not set any limits.. Layout, choice of the design, final survey and image processing? Yes, everything is possible. Any style, props and light solutions for the realization of your ideas. SLAVAPOZDNYAKOVSTUDIO has everything for you to show your skills at any level you chose.