About me

I’ve been recently asked a question: “Slava, imagine that 25 years ago when you were just learning to draw and even had some of your pictures exhibited or 20 years ago when you were a cook or even 15 years ago when you were making your first steps in photography, somebody showed you your future studio SPACESTUDIOMOSCOW, would you believe him?”

This question seem to be very common.

I would be confused but not surprised. And I would believe. I am used to setting goals and pursue them. No matter how long it takes me. If I need a space with my kitchen, props for the shootings that now count at least 15 thousand units, paints and materials to make new props, different light options, silence and no fuss to effect my job, why having it should be surprising? It is essential to create the proper space for your work.

Our projects may change but something inimitable, inherent in SPACESTUDIOMOSCOW – the photo studio by Slava Pozdnyakov, remains forever.

For me as well as for you the image plays a crucial role and every order is a special project that I totally devote myself to so as the result of our cooperation is perfect and your business can benefit from it.”

The founder and owner of the kitchen-studio SPACESTUDIOMOSCOW, chef, photographer, food-stylist Slava Pozdnyakov.