I believe myself to be more that just a photographer. I rather consider myself as a guide to the world of culinary art.

Having become one of the most renowned food photographers and food stylists in Russia and being a founder of the unique SLAVA POZDNYAKOV STUDIO studio I owe to my vast experience of being a chef , a photographer and an artist that enabled me to develop my skills.

Cuisine, style, photography, video-making, producing – these are just the basic areas of my professional expertise. My pure love and passion for photography and sophisticated style definitely influence my approach that is characterized by preciosity, minimalism, thoroughness, accurate sight and deep understanding of color and light.

My creativity in developing and styling dishes is limitless. The most important touchstone is the highest quality of the result of my work. Leveraging on my talent and vision I welcome the most complicated artistic challenges and execute them to perfection.

Slava Pozdnyakov

Art-photography & creative direction