In SLAVAPOZDNYAKOVSTUDIO we provide everything you need for a comfortable working process.

There is a great number of granary and chopping boards in the studio. They will help to create a special atmosphere in the picture and emphasize the object of the shooting. They are multi-colored or decorated with natural wooden patterns.

There are also plenty of boards with expressive surfaces. They give the photographer a chance to work with a background and to choose the most suitable one for the implementation of his ideas.

Cutlery takes a significant place in the collection. There are thousands items of cutlery in SLAVAPOZDNYAKOVSTUDIO. Here you can find tiny teaspoons, silver dessert forks with patterns, and rough minimalistic knives or shovels for cakes with sculptured handles as well. The accessories collection gathered in SLAVAPOZDNYAKOVSTUDIO will make each picture a unique one.

Each feature for taking photos which you can find in SLAVAPOZDNYAKOVSTUDIO was specially selected by Slava Pozdnyakov. There are spoons and forks, plates, sauce-boats, bottles and other kitchen staff of the most various forms and sizes …

There are no borders for creative experiments here. Shelves in the studio are regularly replenished with new objects. In order to get accessories, Slava specially goes to Europe to select outstanding and original items for our clients.

The main feature of SLAVAPOZDNYAKOVSTUDIO is boundless opportunities for work. The photo studio is equipped with the modern technical equipment for shootings of different levels of difficulty. An amazing number of accessories and details for photographing is collected here.

In case there is no suitable accessory for the implementation of your idea, we will help you to create the right one. For this purpose, we’ve equipped a joiner's workshop on site.

One can do the cutting, painting, and decorating works here. Slava Pozdnyakov, the founder of the studio, helps his clients with search and selection of necessary accessories and participates in their creation.