One of the most important stages in photo-shooting is getting prepared. Once the main concept and style have been clarified, we start working on the props selection and search of the ingredients. Reinforced by artistic education, Slava Pozdnyakov is often engaged in experimenting with texture. He crafts his own unique backgrounds and bespoke props for the photography. His vast collection of accessories and kitchenware is often replenished with new extraordinary items and designer's units. Most of them are brought from abroad. Slava has particular approach to every single project notwithstanding working for a small café or a luxury restaurant, a federal chain or a private individual.

The pictures are to distinguish the kitchen and form an association with a specific restaurant brand. The list of ingredients can be changed during the process. We use only organic foods for the photography.

The photo-shooting process is preliminary planned and scheduled. A special place satisfying all the requirements is organized. In cooperation with the chef Slava Pozdnyakov discusses the food presentation and offers his expert food-styling. The final pictures are confirmed on the shooting site by the responsible person. Only slight image processing is made after the shoot.