Slava Pozdnyakov calls this series of photographs “The Dutch Interior”. Indeed, the international furniture manufacturer “Pure Home Collection” perfectly expresses the Dutch style. Being a big lover of the Netherlands, Slava was highly inspired when working on this project. “Pure Home Collection” makes exceptional items and executes unique orders. In Moscow the examples of their work are presented in “Antrecot” restaurant, the photography for which Slava has also made. It somehow became a starting point of Slava’s work with the Dutch manufacturer. They appeared to have a lot of common friends among restaurant owners and designers all over the world.

The office of “Pure Home Collection” is situated near Haarlem. A studio in one of the sweetest old houses was rented near the customer’s location specially for the photo shoot of the furniture. The atmosphere was creative and it took Slava two days to effect the shoot. The spirit, the atmosphere, the mood and the feel always stand as a cornerstone for the Dutch. They try to highlight and express in through the details of the interior, that is their life style. That is why a lot of attention in this project was paid to texture distinctiveness, color coziness, personalized approach. The artistic view and special atmosphere created by “Pure Home Collection” were very accurately mediated in the photos. The customer was absolutely pleased with the results of this work. And Slava Pozdnyakov in turn was heartened by this fruitful cooperation experience that is always very inspiring for him.