This collection of formidable frames consists of still lifes that can for sure be regarded as pieces of art. The food become here the figure of make-believe reality. Bright artistic forms get mixed with  subtle metaphors.

Slava Pozdnyakov created this series in collaboration with the chef Dmitry Shurshakov from “Chaika” restaurant. Reinforced by his experience of working in Michelin-starred restaurants abroad, Dmitry has creative approach to the food presentation and is always ready to try some improvisation.

These photos were intended to become posters in the interior of “Chaika” restaurant, one of the hundred top restaurants of the world. Slava Pozdnyakov says that working with Dima Shurshakov is always an  exciting adventure. Moreover it is every time a fruitful collaboration because he is easy to find a common language with. Slava believes that Dmitry is a unique professional who is seriously engaged in his work and who can feel the kitchen and the very essence of the food.