A series of large-scale photography  was executed for the new restaurant project by Andrey Dellos – the “Shinok”. We made a branding interior photo shoot before the opening. Afterwards we effected an awesome shooting session of the dishes from the menu. Slava Pozdnyakov was offered the total freedom for artistic creation of  the chef's ideas in the photos.

Fantasizing and experimenting, the food-stylist paid a lot of attention to the details of the setting and to the textures of the dishes. All the props and kitchenware were selected from the collection of “Chinok” restaurant. Indeed in some cases for the purpose of  better conceptuality of the photos, Slava changed the presentation of the dish or added extra ingredients.

The blend of fashion and antiquity,   a game of light that seem to fall into the cottage from the window, fabulous textures... Slava Pozdnyakov succeeded in creating a truly luxury food-style for the new location of the fancy restaurant chain.