Slava Pozdnyakov got engaged in an ambitious, interesting, demanding and very creative photo shoot for the chain of oriental cuisine restaurants “Tapchan”. It took Slava two days to create bright images for the menu. He worked together with the cooks of the restaurant and its inspired owners. Overall there were  more than 50 frames of new dishes, favorite specialties, cocktails, exclusive desserts and coffee.

The “Tapchan” restaurants had been working in collaboration with Slava Pozdnyakov for several years, relying on his professional view and artistic style. They agree on his challenging ideas concerning the presentation of the food. The final result of this collaboration exceeded all expectations and the photos were highly appreciated.

The desserts made by the pastry-chef Francois were very gracefully presented in the photos. Francois described in detail all the taste nuances of his creations, inspiring the photographer. You can feel the French accent and a sophisticated, desirable taste of the desserts when you look at them.

When making photos of the coffee, Slava needed to express the quality of the drink and a phenomenal love that coffee is treated with in “Tapchan”. Taking part in photography process but not interrupting it, one of the owners оf the restaurant Zaur, a great coffee expert, perfected the body, color and taste of the coffee himself. Finally, yet as always, both became highly satisfied with the result of their work. That is because the objectives of this collaboration is mutual – the style, the quality, the high-level and consequently the business success.