“Novikov” restaurant is believed to be the flagship location of the restaurant group by Arkadiy Novikov. That is why the owner was from the very beginning so particular to this project. It was very important for him that the sophisticated and distinctive atmosphere of the restaurant was communicated through the interior photos.

Slava Pozdnyakov is justifiably regarded to be the master of details and he highlighted the exceptional nuances and managed to successfully show that kind of multifaceted interior. Thus black walls stand in contrast with red and grey armchairs, wooden tables and panoramic stained-glass windows in the mail hall.  Vegetable stands and ice windows with alive langoustines that are situated between a semicircular black-marble bar counter and  an open kitchen  are captured natural and at the same time aesthetic.

Slava Pozdnyakov noticed a lot of attractive catches and details. In the photo-images made by Slava, Arcadiy Novikov saw that very “Novikov” with its distinctive atmosphere.