More than 200 photos were gathered under the main topic of “Food”. Slava carried out the illustrative photography project for the book “Kitchen” by Julia Vysotskaya in Netherlands where he spent almost the whole summer.

Why Netherlands? As to Slava, there is a unique natural light. In Netherlands it every time falls in a special way. Thus a photographer has an opportunity for limitless experiments.

There were two main locations: Noordwijk and Haarlem. These northern region influenced the sophisticated atmosphere of the photos. The arrangement looks very balanced and thorough. This result was also affected by the props. It took Slava more than a month to find  and finally choose them with all his detailed approach. Some pieces of conventional ware were brought from the central part of Russia. Other accessories  were carefully chosen in European shops. In the book you can see a lot of items that were made by Slava or refined by him. Such as colored by hand towels , weathered chopping boards and other kitchenware.

Every photo in the book “Kitchen” taken by Slava Pozdnyakov is a small journey through the whole spectrum of taste and colour that the food can give us.

The work of Slava Pozdnyakov is always about new ideas and unconventional approach to photography. Every picture taken for the book “Kitchen” by Julia Vysotskaya can serve a proof for that. 

As in many other projects, Slava acted not only as a photographer but also as a designer and a stylist. His talent and technical excellence are reinforced by his knowledge of cuisine, gained in the years of  his chef career. That's exactly why one can find limitless details in every picture of this book, being every time astonished at the colour balance and the play of light in the shot.