Photography of the Hunter's  menu  for «FOOD HUNTER MAGAZINE» in “Bistrot” restaurant.

The main objective of this project was to convey the taste of the dishes and to reflect the unique culinary style of every chef. We developed the general concept and style of photography, arranged the setting and hunting props: berries, leaves, background and kitchenware. The frames we finally made fully convey the atmosphere of the “Hunter's menu”

The unique gastronomic art project “Food Hunter Magazine” is a bespoken newsletter for the haute cuisine chefs introduced by “Restaurant syndicate” company. The mail feature of this magazine for gastronomic snobs is not the menu but the food performance.

For the autumn season every chef of the premium-restaurants' chain introduced his specialty on the topic of “Hunting Season” In collaboration with photographer and food-stylist Slava Pozdnyakov they created genuine pieces of art. As a result, each still life grew into a small hunting story, told by the means of artistic language of the author.   The fruity emphasis is made on the main dish, exquisitely garnished with metaphoric ingredients, served on the black ground and accompanied with variations from autumn études.

Altogether for the first issue of the “Food Hunter Magazine” there were thirteen magnificent dishes and two brilliant desserts forming a real gastronomic vernissage made up of impressive still lifes, delighting the connoisseurs of haute cuisine by their design.

Being an artist and a master who is ready to fulfill the most comprehensive ideas, Slava has put his heart into this project.